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The GrowthSpiral

The GrowthSpiral is a proven methodology to grow up to 4x faster and more profitable. Practical tools that do the job accompany it. Discover the GrowthSpiral by clicking the button below.

  • Nobody is a growth champion by nature. But everyone can become one.

  • Dream big, start small.

  • Growth starts every morning.

  • Structural profitable growth doesn't happen by chance. It's based on a strong vision, tough decision making, constant change and sacrifice. 

  • Don't be afraid of competition. Only few are willing to give up what it takes to achieve their dreams. 

  • Business equals change. Growth is optional.
    Choose your roads wisely. 

  • If it doesn't challenge you, it will not result in growth.

  • Growth is change, but not all change is growth. 

  • It's tougher to stay at the top than to get there.

Jack Korsten - founder Growthpartner
  • MegaGroup Trade

    Together with the management of our group, GrowthPartner developed a successful Growth Strategy for a number of European countries. For the hands-on implementation of this strategy, Jack trained and supervised the management of our organisations in each country. For this purpose, he used practical and pragmatic tools and inspiring presentations. This has made a significant contribution to our consistently excellent growth figures over the past few years.

    Anton van Daalwijk - CEO MegaGroup Trade

  • Restaurant Ivy

    GrowthPartner has been an important sparring partner for me since day one. Not just because they constructively challenge me to get the best out of myself, my staff and my restaurant, but also because they have helped me realise an innovative customer approach. GrowthPartner's contribution has certainly helped us to win the 'Best Restaurant Experience in the Netherlands' award many years in a row, and to lay solid foundations for success in the future.

    Fran├žois Geurds - Patron/Chef Restaurant Ivy

  • Bevo

    GrowthPartner helped me and my team very professionally and empathically to successfully restructure our business at a very difficult time. GrowthPartner's practical approach produced impressive hard and soft results from the word go. Thanks to our collaboration with GrowthPartner, we now have a modern organisational structure, improved working methods and new energy, which combine to lay solid foundations for further growth.

    Martin Barmeier - CEO Bevo

  • Culturalis

    GrowthPartner very successfully supervised the growth of Culturalis' general organisation and the expansion of the Culturalis Theatre. The guidance that Jack provided to the management team, his support during the implementation of management systems and his advice during the determination of our long-term policy helped ensure optimal conduct of our organisation's development processes. Jack's commitment to and interest in the objectives of Culturalis ensured that our collaboration with GrowthPartner was extremely pleasant!

    Kim van der Boon - Executive Director Culturalis

  • HydroSystems

    GrowthPartner's growth approach greatly helped to focus and restructure our business in a professional and successful manner. This approach has resulted in impressive financial and non-financial results. We are now beginning a new chapter in our company's history with a great deal of confidence!

    Vasile Capris - Country Manager HydroSystems

  • BodyMentors

    GrowthPartner made an important contribution to the continued development of the BodyMentors concept and the solid positioning of the concept in the market. Furthermore, the support from GrowthPartner helped us to implement substantial improvements in our working methods and financial management. The broad perspective and in-depth knowledge of GrowthPartner helped us immensely to take our company to the next level.

    Lionel Eersteling - Lionel Eersteling - Entrepreneur BodyMentors

  • Bosta UK

    At first, I was sceptical about what struck me as just another consultant coming to tell us that we've been doing everything wrong for 20 years. However, the understanding, the practical approach and the passion of GrowthPartner have made me a much stronger leader and my employees now work using a very pragmatic approach that has resulted in growth of 20% per year, even during the financial crisis!

    Conrad Bos - Managing Director Bosta UK

Growth Programs

GrowthPartner offers four compact programs that produce measurable results in a short period of time. Each program can be completed in 90 days.

  • 90-day GrowthBoost More
    90-day GrowthBoost

    90-day GrowthBoost

    Most entrepreneurs and manager are heavily involved in their day-to- day business. In many cases they have a serious growth ambition, or want to accelerate the growth of their business, but they simply do not know how to best organize this.

    The 90-day Growth Boost could be the perfect answer in this case. The first step in this boost is a clear (re)definition of the growth ambition and the accompanying growth strategy for the company. We do this together with the entrepreneur and his growth team. Next, using the Growth Calculator, we jointly decide on the key points ofimprovement needed to achieve the growth ambition. These points are the starting point for the co-creation and co-implementation of the 90-day Growth Action Plan. After the first 90 days the growth results will be evaluated and a new 90-day growth cycle starts.

  • 90-day SalesBoost More
    90-day SalesBoost

    90-day SalesBoost

    The average sales person spends a maximum of 25% of his time selling the products or services of his company. The rest of his time he spends on other business. The management of the sales staff and the sales department often lacks effectiveness too.

    The Sales Boost makes it possible to assess the current effectiveness of the individual sales staff, the supporting sales systems and the sales management. It also gives clear direction for the key improvements needed to increase the overall sales effectiveness. Based on the outcome of the initial assessment key improvements are implemented together with the sales team. The impact of these improvements is measured as part of the 90-day Sales Boost and action is taken to further increase and/or embed the results achieved.

  • 90-day InnovationBoost More
    90-day InnovationBoost

    90-day InnovationBoost

    Continuous improvement and innovation of products, services, processes and ways of working have become a condition to stay successful. However, most managers and employees get bogged down in the day-to- day routines and challenges. As a result, the necessary improvements and innovations do not come to live.

    The Innovation Boost helps the entrepreneur and his growth team to get a clear picture the improvements and innovations needed to stay relevant in the market place. Next, GrowthPartner supports the preparation, the implementation and the embedding of these improvements and innovations in the organisation.

  • 90-day EfficacyBoost More
    90-day EfficacyBoost

    90-day EfficacyBoost

    The true cost of staff is a substantial part on the income statement of most companies. Interestingly enough there is little attention for the many possibilities to dramatically increase the day-to- day effectiveness of management and staff.

    The Effectiveness Boost aims to increase the personal effectiveness of individual employees. A personal 360-scan is the starting point to determine the key points of improvement for individual members of staff. The outcome is the starting point for a '70-20- 10 effectiveness boost'; a combination of 70% individual action learning, 20% social learning and 10% formal training related to the business reality of the individual.


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